Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” gee I really resonate with this statement. Last year I made a decision to create a lifestyle that works for me and my family. It was a big decision considering I was leaving a secure and permanent position with government. I’ve been in the caring industry for over 20 years and decided it was time to re-create my role and challenge myself to step outside my own comfort zone.

I’ve initiated Ana Neale Consulting to work closely with agencies and services that deliver care and support to clients. As a Transpersonal Art Therapist I believe that people have all the inner resources required to deal with situations and the challenges life offers them. My role is to support people to unpack difficult emotions, look at their lives closely and create practical and realistic goals that are achievable.

Stepping outside our comfort zone offers the opportunity to discover new terrain within ourselves and having a sense of renewal. We spend so much time in our mind space, occupied with the constant chatter that we go round and round in circles not achieving anything or making a decisions. It’s like a film and we become the directors of our own lives!! Let’s take it a step further and go beyond what our minds are occupied with and all the knowledge you have gathered so far in your life, I’m talking about a space that’s beyond the minds activity, where there is peace, stillness and real comfort.

Have you experienced a moment of stillness and being relaxed within yourself? Having moments of peace and knowing you can have moments of stillness has tremendous benefits to your body, not to mention your spirit. We all get caught up in the everyday dramas of life sometimes and we get pulled into other people’s dramas. Taking a step back and reflecting on your life can only be of benefit to you and those around you.

I believe exploring outside your comfort zone is to really live life and if you are about to make a decision and its life changing, and you have no idea what the outcome is going to be, and there is a lot of fear that comes with it, then you’re probably in the right place. Empower yourself by grabbing hold of the reins to your own self…be brave and courageous….I wish you well.

I speak of my own experience and now feel my life has purpose, this is not to say it does come with its own challenges, but I know deep within myself I have grabbed hold of my own reins and treasure my life and all that surrounds me.

I’ve written this blog as a means to connect with others who are perhaps looking to delve a bit deeper into themselves or need to make a decision or just need to reach out and share their views about their own experiences. I’m passionate about working with people who care for others, it is a beautiful offering to be of service to others.

I mentor, train and support people who work within the disability and mental health sectors. It is an honour to work with those who support others.

Welcome to my site…. this is my first blog and look forward to many more.

Ana Neale