The Power of Self Talk

The Power of Self Talkman thinking positive thoughts

We can scare ourselves with our own thoughts. If we were to record the thoughts that went through our minds every hour and played it back to ourselves we would be shocked by their negative nature. It is therefore no surprise that so many people find it hard to achieve success in their lives. When we are walking around beating ourselves up, we are leaving very little room to thrive.  Too often we look for outside influences to build ourselves up. We want praise from others to give us feedback for how we are doing. We forget that we need to be our own mentors and that by repeating positive, encouraging affirmations to ourselves throughout the day we can start to generate a more harmonious life.

Every time we say something negative to ourselves, we are weakening our sense of self and declaring that we are not good enough. Whilst it is important to acknowledge when we have made a mistake or done something wrong, it is the culmination of constant self criticism that creates huge amounts of anxiety in our lives.  We get so use to criticising ourselves that it simply becomes a normal part of our psyche. We then choose to define ourselves by all the perceived negative traits we have and limit ourselves to living in this negative space. We become afraid to socialise, apply for new jobs or stand up for ourselves because we have done such a good job of scaring ourselves out of it.

Fortunately we can take steps to try and ease some of this anxiety. Simple affirmations such as ‘today is going really well’ repeated over and over in your head can have a significant impact on the kind of day you are having.  If for example you are starting a new job and you are feeling nervous, repeating this affirmation in your head should help you calm down and shift your focus to all the things that are going well.  The same can be done if you are meeting a new group of people for the first time. Repeating to yourself ‘this is going well, this is going well’ will keep you from slipping into a negative thought pattern.

Like most things in life, it is easier said than done. Therefore, the best thing you can do is just trial it. Just give it a go for a few minutes and see if you notice anything change. You may just start to feel a bit clearer in the head, or your eyes might start to widen and you’ll notice things you hadn’t noticed before. The smallest change can be all that you need to encourage you to keep repeating the affirmation.

Switching your inner dialogue from negative to positive is not a quick process for most people. Firstly, you need to become aware that you have a negative dialogue constantly on repeat. Once you become aware, it then becomes a process of monitoring these thoughts and catching them before they snowball. Again, this is easier said than done however by simply following up the negative thought with a positive, encouraging thought you are setting the right atmosphere within your mind. Once this practice becomes a habit, your mind will automatically start searching for positive thoughts.  Try and look at it as building a bank of positive thoughts. The more positive thoughts you have, the more you can get out of yourself and of life.

So be kind to yourself. Slowly build yourself up; one positive thought at a time.