Art Therapy

Art Therapy

There are times where you need to be able to debrief, talk about your struggles, express your concerns and vent your frustrations in a safe and confidential space.

Art therapy is particularly useful for those wishing to explore life challenges. It gives people an opportunity to explore their personal constructs and coping mechanisms to support them to find meaning in their everyday life.

Benefits include an opportunity to explore topics and feelings that are sometimes too difficult to put into words; and increases self-esteem and confidence.  It can assist people in personal growth and to feel better about their everyday challenges whilst providing relaxation and balance through tapping into the creative elements.



Mentoring is for people requiring guidance, support and training in a particular area of their life. A one on one session with an experienced mentor will support people to explore areas of their life that may require a new direction, career path, gain clarity about a certain issue and/or build new skills about themselves.  It explore person development and growth.

Organisational mentoring consists of supporting staff in the disability sector to learn new skills in unpacking cases and develop a plan of action for their participants.

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