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Anala has a skilled pool of professionals who are competent in running a series of workshops and information sessions for a variety of community groups. For parents and carers we run workshops such as mindful parenting, behaviour management, and puberty for my child with a disability, understanding how to support my loved one with relationships and sexuality and pathways to the NDIS. In addition we run workshops that support professionals in the caring industry to upskill in the areas of self-care, case management, behaviour support, trauma informed practice and disability awareness.

Support Groups

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Support groups run by Anala are structured in nature and facilitated by an experienced team member to build on an individual’s inner resources. We utilise a variety of therapeutic modalities to support people in practical solutions to everyday challenges, whilst providing them with a non-judgemental space in which to meet others in a similar life situation.

Support groups are effective as they build on community resources and encourage resilience to be built within networks, participants are supporting each other by learning from one another as well as the facilitator.

Support groups are designed on the needs of the community however examples include groups for individuals suffering mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or bi-polar; health conditions such as brain tumours, cancer, motor neuron disease or multiple sclerosis. Support groups are also run with huge success for carers supporting people with disability, mental health or chronic illness.

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