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Caring for people with disability, mental health, frail age or trauma is more than a career it is a calling. Being able to care and assist those who need support can be an incredibly rewarding service, though it isn’t without its challenges.

At Anala we support organisations and their staff care for clients and themselves to avoid burnout. Through training and mentoring we equip your staff to uncover what’s working and not working for your clients, and what’s important to your organisation for the care you provide.

Support Your Staff to Care for Clients

Staff can, over the course of their role be challenged by the clients they support and confronted by the situations they experience. This is why it is important to create a safe and confidential space where staff members can debrief, talk about their struggles, express their concerns and develop both personally and professionally.

One of the key ways to do this is through practice improvement. Practice improvement and the use of mentoring is a powerful professional development tool that supports and empowers staff members to manage their own learning and talk to someone who has shared the same experiences as them. At Anala we provide mentoring that not only supports your staff to work with complex cases, but also builds on their professional skills, helps them develop professional development goals, and be an effective team member.

Produce Superior Carers Through Leading Training

The better equipped your staff are to handle their role, the better the care they provide. This is why we support you by training staff to engage with your clients, manage challenging behaviours, and to cope with complex situations and cases. Training is tailored to your organisation’s needs it can include; how to conduct effective assessments, unpacking cases, genograms, consent, understanding boundaries with clients and carers, the importance of documentation (file notes), reflective practices and managing meetings and case conferences particularly when there are multiple stakeholders involved.

Create a Person Centered Organisation

When it comes to caring for clients, their needs and goals must come first. Believing the key to successfully supporting clients is to keep them at the centre of all decision-making, Anala is passionate about creating person centered practices and is dedicated to help organisations achieve their client’s goals. Working alongside you and your staff members we help you identify and develop person centered tools that support your clients to live life on their terms.

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