Training & Workshops

Anala provide a range of training and information sessions for families, carers, workers and other interested parties. We can tailor training to cater specifically for your needs as a target group or we run regular information sessions on popular topics that are open to the general public.


For parents and carers, we run workshops such as mindful parenting, behaviour management, and puberty for my child with a disability, understanding how to support my loved one with relationships and sexuality and pathways to the NDIS. In addition, we run workshops that support professionals in the caring industry to upskill in the areas of self-care, case management, behaviour support, trauma informed practice and disability awareness.

Training and information session topics for individuals, families and carers

This workshop will provide tips to assist your loved one to manage their relationships, sexuality and good sexual health.

This workshop for young people will support them in developing a sense of who they are in this world. Mapping out what is important to them, identifying their inner resources to promote good decision making, value system to work within and ultimately increase their understanding of their self-worth.
This workshop will provide information to prepare for the changes of puberty and the physical emotional and social aspects of their emerging sexuality.
This is a small group program that gives individuals a framework through which they can feel empowered to make and keep friendships. It touches on connection, compromise, conflict management, and good decision making.
In order to manage and regulate our big emotions, that is anger, happiness, sadness etc. we need to first be able to identify these emotions in our self to then be able to put things in place to manage the emotional responses. This program will look at how to learn to identify emotions in ourselves and others; before working through skills that we can then use to regulate and manage our emotional responses when they do occur.
We provide a range of parenting programs. Group programs such as mindfulness parenting and Triple P; provide strategies and techniques to support parents and carers of young children to connect with their children and manage any behavioral issues that may arise.

Training and information session topics for workers and organisations

Promoting the health and wellbeing of staff this workshop includes staff developing practical skills for self-care. Topics covered include self-care plans, compassion fatigue and relaxation.
A practical training introducing staff to tools and techniques that are beneficial in complex case management. Understanding your clients and their families, implementing boundaries with carers and clients, engagement with clients and difficult conversations and case studies to support with learning.
A half day workshop for staff on disability awareness and working with complex clients, supporting staff to have a thorough understanding of your clients and supporting them with strategies on how to work effectively with the people with whom they support.
Supported decision making is a model for supporting people with disabilities to make significant decisions whilst drawing on the support of those who care for them. Training in these methods and principals provided.
Training staff on supporting clients who have been affected by trauma in their lives. Included topics; trauma reactions, practical skills for working with clients and their families.
Working with complex clients is a beneficial training supporting workers to come away with an array of tools useful for their work with complex clients. Understanding your clients, engagement with clients and difficult conversations and case studies to support with learning.
Training for carers and support staff in behaviour management. Focusing on positive behaviour support and management strategies. Extended sessions also go through the basics of functional assessment and behaviour planning.
Team building sessions utilizing mindfulness and art therapy techniques to support your staff in maintaining and building on team rapport. Train the trainer is also available to support your management team to run team building days with their staff.

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